Mixtapes & Playlists

Need a playlist for your shop, event, or special occasion? Contact me to request a curated mix based on your criteria.


Music for Gift Shops

Created as a soundtrack for my wife's independent gift shop, FAWN Gifts, this playlist features a taste-maker's selection of old and new tracks spanning a broad range of genres, suitable for public broadcast.


B+J Gettin' Hitched

The "B+J" referenced in the title is Brea and James, aka my wife and I. This is the playlist we compiled for our wedding in July 2017. 


Morvern Callar

A repository for songs included in the mixtapes written into Alan Warner's debut novel, Morvern Callar, as well as the soundtrack of the 2002 cinematic adaptation directed by Lynne Ramsay.


Workin' Nights Mix No. 33

Turntable mix of slo-mo disco and funk edits prepared for Workin' Nights.


Clubbing Music for Diners

Tasty time-capsule highlighting tracks produced by a cosmopolitan cast of producers active in the mid to late 00’s. Perfect for poolside. An extended version is available here.